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Reinventing Fire- Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy Era

Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions to the New Energy Era is a fruit of several years of works by Amory Lovins, and many scientists, engineers, architects, economists, business experts at Rocky Mountain Institute.

HEVs, PHEVS, and EVs at a glance

The past couple of years I notice a sudden leap of hybrid vehicles on the road, especially in California. Prius, the bullet looking, mid-size hatchback four-door passenger cars was introduced to the United States in 2000. Just in 2011 alone, 172,000 Prius are sold in the country. It’s not a surprise to see a Prius every couple blocks you travelled. As electric vehicles enter the mainstream marketplace and quickly caught our attention, consider the types of fuel-efficient autos that are out there and see which one fits you the best before joining the why-not-get-a-hybrid bandwagon.

Useful Excel trick- CSV data

CSV is known as Comma Separated Values. A CSV file is a specially formatted plain text file which stores spreadsheet or basic database-style information in a very simple format, with one record on each line, and each field within that record separated by a comma. It is often used as a simple way to transfer a large volume of spreadsheet or database information between programs. Microsoft Excel has made it really easy to import CSV files and to create one from spreadsheet data.

Scope 1,2, and 3 emissions types

Since the introduction of climate change in the 1990s, the term ‘carbon emission reduction’ gained momentum and now has become an agenda so hot that it must be addressed by presidential candidates. In amidst of all these public discourse, however, how many of us know the scope of emissions and sources they fall under? I personally don't until two weeks ago.

To Drive or Not to Drive

So the other day I was driving home from work at Newark. It was one of those many days where thousands of drivers were helplessly trapped in the traffic, tapping their fingers on their car doors, and saw the Bart train swiftly passed by. We patiently sit there, not willing to scroll down our windows because all we would get is nasty smell from gasoline combustion from all the running vehicles surrounding you. Your foot mind-numbingly goes left and right from the brake and the accelerator only to wish you’re on that Bart train.

Challenges in gathering data

CCN researchers are actively looking into creating carbon calculators for other countries, hoping to establish them with the same level of detail as the one we have for United States created by the CoolClimate Network.

Biography- Caine Chan

Bio and Research Interest
Caine is the Research and Data Manipulation Intern at the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory at University of California, Berkeley where she concentrates on developing carbon management tools for China. She recently graduated with a B.S. in Environmental Economics and Policy.

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