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A Guide to Copyright Law

Copyright laws allow artists and individuals to protect their intellectual property from the exploitation of others. It is also a balancing act; while the rights of the creator must be protected, the right to fair use of the copyright material must be upheld as well. For example, musicians can protect their music from being used by others and ensure the profits generated by their intellectual property are given to them. On the other hand, what if the film for a documentary inadvertently catches a popular song on the radio playing in the background?

10 Quick Tips of Persuasive Messaging

Sometimes it can be hard to convince others of the benefits of sustainability. However, there are ways that you can make your argument more convincing. Here are 10 quick tips that will help your message be more persuasive.

1. First, you must attract attention. Effective methods include surprising people by breaking schemas, or using images to help them visualize impacts.
2. Using stories to invoke emotion can be very effective at getting attention. These can uplift and motivate people but be careful to rely too much on fear, which could elicit denial or apathetic behavior.


Steven is a student at UC Berkeley with an intended major in Environmental Economics and Policy (EEP). Steven is particularly interested in how climate change affects developing nations and economies, particularly in urban areas. In addition, he is interested in climate change’s impact on the health of the world’s oceans. As a fundraising intern, Steven helps secure the support and contributions the CoolCalifornia Challenge needs to be most successful.

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