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Happy New Yearr!!

It's 2013 now.

and though I am usually not much of a supported of new years resolutions (since I think you should just try and change whatever you find wrong the moment that you realize that you want to) I have to admit that they are pretty fun to make.

So let me write out my new years resolution right here right now letting the world know (or at least cyberspace) that I am serious about this!

Cut your Cubes Scavenger hunt!

Citizens of Sacramento, only one more day until the Cut your Cubes Scavenger hunt!!!

I am really excited to finally meet everyone from the city, especially in such a sweet way!
This Scavenger hunt will give us a cool insight on what makes the city green and hopefully influence us
to expand on those practices of sustainability (as well as give the top groups cool prizes :) )

May the best team win!

Oh and if you are having trouble finding out where to sign up, just click on this link:

You can do ittt!!

Hey guys!

I just finished a great set of videos on adopting new habits and the skill of persuasion!

heres a link to them:

If you have ever encountered difficulties accomplishing a goal that you set for yourself,
or may want to encourage others to make some positive changes to their behavior, I advise you check them out!

Have a great week,


Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to point our how awesome it is that the city of Sacramento offers easy access to solar
panels and other energy efficient upgrades to its residence: !!

This is not the case in most cities so I advise you to take advantage of this incredible environment, energy and money
saving opportunity!

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