Uploading Images with Sources to the CoolClimate Image Library

Add an image

Tags = Categories

Use tags to specify which general categories this image falls into. We use a specific methodology for image tags. Please add:

  • "No source" if the image is your own work or a stock image which does not require the source to be listed
  • Main object(s), verb(s) and emotion(s) if applicable (.e.g, put "group, person, bike, happy" instead of people on bikes")
  • Singular, not plural ("child" vs. "children")
  • "Newsletter" if used in newsletter
  • Broad and specific tag(s) (e.g., "food, vegetable")

Alt text: One-sentence image description. Very important for accessibility! If a blind person is using a screen reader, this is the ONLY information they'll get about this image.

Image-specific information If you have additional information that does not relate to the general category, add to the "Body" field. E.g. "I took these on my hike in the Berkeley hills with my friends. ~Alan"