Letters of Rec Material Format

What we want for your letters of rec material!

Don't worry about the glorious positive word fluff, we'll take care of that.

Key Points:

  • What You Did - Tell your RAEL story. What did we hire you for? What did you spend most of your time working on? Specific skills you utilized.
  • What You Learned - The biggest challenge(s) you faced, how you handled them, and *specific* skills you developed.
  • What You're Prepared for - (i.e., what you want to do next) How the skills you already have and what you learned here prepares you for moving forward in your academic / professional life (the next thing you want to do)

It's nice if you have some descriptive / funny / story like explanations in here, but also please use indentation, text size, lists and bolding so that my eye can easily find and rest on essential points and still know where to look for additional info.

Betsy, Chris, Hazel and I could not be happier with the 2012 RAEL intern cohort. As some of you know this was the first year we've implemented this program and the way you worked together, dove into projects, learned and applied news skills and became true team members has knocked out collective socks off. We are excited to write the letters of rec you've MORE than earned so don't be afraid to really show off!

Please bring your letters of rec materials to the next RAEL intern meeting Wednesday 8/8/12 at 2p.