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Yes! Yes I know how to be more persuasive after reading Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive. One of the most interesting thing I’ve learned through the book is that people often choose alternatives that are compromise choices, not the high-end or the low-end. Well this all seems pretty obvious, right? What I like about psychology is that some of the concepts the book teaches me seem pretty intuitive, but I never really know them, but I do (this sounds a little bit like an example of hindsight bias but anyways that’s not the point).

Yes, YES! I agree with you.

YES! and its 50 scientifically proven ways to be persuasive seem pretty accurate to me. It is interesting to read about what is physiologically going in our heads that leads to our actions. I must admit that some of the actions described that we do in response to postings, I didn’t want to admit to. However, after taking a step back and observing my actions, I noticed that a lot of my actions are influenced by the way something is presented and by the action of others.

Chula Vista

Chula Vista I commend you! I think it is awesome to see a city in Southern California making environmentally friendly improvements. It is the 21st century, and it is about time we start worrying about the future!
I am all for the implantation of bike lanes and making any city a biking community. I think it is fantastic to see Chula Vista encouraging biking as an alternate mode of transportation. Biking is a great way to commute and stay healthy. The more bikers on the road the better!


Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to point our how awesome it is that the city of Sacramento offers easy access to solar
panels and other energy efficient upgrades to its residence: !!

This is not the case in most cities so I advise you to take advantage of this incredible environment, energy and money
saving opportunity!

Introducing - Atheana Fulgencio

Hello fellow ENERNerd!

My name is Atheana Fulgencio, and I am a fourth year UC Berkeley student pursuing a major in Conservation Resource Studies with the focus on Green Energy Business and Policy. Growing up in San Francisco and going to school at Berkeley has definitely shaped my interest around energy efficiency and conservation.

Introducing - Michelle Chang

Hello there!

My name is Michelle and I'm a 5th year at Cal majoring in Environmental Sciences. Born and raised in San Francisco, I grew up hiking the parks and walking the beaches of California. I knew I always loved the natural environment, but it wasn't until high school that I started gaining exposure on the concept of sustainability. Combined with a deep passion for the arts, my interests have steered me towards the goal of working in the sustainable fashion and beauty industry.

Rachel Bubb

Hello! I’m Rachel and I am a first year here at Cal. I intend to major in Conservation and Resource Studies and plan on minoring in something (just not sure what yet!) I am passionate about the environment and want to educate my peers about the consequences of our carbon footprint. I would love to study abroad or help out in research projects in the tropical rainforests of Brazil or Costa Rica before I graduate.

Biography - Chun Man Chow

Bio and Research Interest:

About Me- Rosanna Neuhausler

Klosters, SwitzerlandAbout Me

Hi :)

Farewell to RAEL

A big thanks to Hazel, Betsy, Mia, Chris, the other interns, and everybody else at RAEL for an awesome summer! I picked up social media and newsletter skills and learned how to write targeted content for a specific audience. I really enjoyed the individual attention and responsiveness to personal needs, as well as the emphasis on skill-building. Getting to work from home some days was also a big plus! Thanks again to the folks at RAEL for a fun internship experience.

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