CoolClimate Network Research Consortium

The CoolClimate Network (CCN) consortium is an interdisciplinary research partnership between UC Berkeley and academic, corporate and government partners. The consortium supports research and development of advanced carbon footprint management tools for U.S. households, small businesses and communities. The CCN Vision is to enable individuals, organizations and communities to reduce their overall contribution to climate change by developing, sharing and acting upon personalized climate action plans.

Membership Benefits

In addition to showing support for our research, CCN partners gain access all tools developed by CCN researchers, including advanced carbon footprint management and social networking tools for individuals, households, schools and small businesses. Membership fees support ongoing research and development by researchers at the University of California and partner institutions. Members of CCN include city, county and state government agencies, non-profit organizations and businesses.

Tailored Carbon Management Solutions

CCN provides a variety of tools for households, businesses, local governments and non-governmental organizations.

The first is the CoolClimate Carbon Footprint Calculator, which includes Community Support in the latest version. This tool enables individuals or households in the U.S. to calculate their carbon footprints to get personlized advice on managing their personal impact. Our Take Action page recommends customized pledges to reduce carbon footprints and save money.

Users can also see how they compare to households of similar size, location and income, or compare themselves to state, national and global averages. The carbon footprints and comparisons in this version utilize data and calculations that are the most detailed, robust and up-to-date available.
Additionally, this version features community support tools which allow users to register on the site, save their footprint and pledges to a profile, and join or create custom groups.

CCN offers similar tools for business, in addition to web-based applications for policy decisions and lightweight "widgets" with simple user interfaces powered by CoolClimate data. All Tools

Membership Fees

Annual membership contributions range from $2,000-$5,000 per year depending on organization type and size as well as commitment length. Affiliate memberships have no upfront fee, while partners and premium partners make initial contributions starting at $10,000 and $30,000, respectively. Membership Information