Mia Yamauchi

(formerly) Web Development Coordinator

Bio and Research Interests

Mia Yamauchi oversaw the development of web-based tools produced by the CoolClimate Network at the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) at the University of California, Berkeley. She was also the Program Manager for the 2012 Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference. Her research interests include sustainable urban planning, the climate impacts of diet, and the potential for behavior change to mitigate global warming.

Outside of work her interests and activities include reading, jogging, social dancing, drawing, cooking and sewing.

Mia managed the CoolClimate Network partnerships with local governments, and environmental organizations. She also oversees and coordinates the user interface design, content framing, web programming and support for web-based carbon management tools from CCN.


University of California, Berkeley B.A. in American Studies - Urban Sustainability (2010)

Past Experience

CoolClimate Outreach & Parternship Coordinator (May 2010 - Mar 2012)
CoolClimate Calculator Research Assistant (Dec 2008- May 2010)
Environmental Web Portal Intern UC Berkeley Institute of the Environment (May 2008 - Dec 2008)