CoolClimate Network Consortium

Project Information: 

The CoolClimate Network (CCN)Consortium is a membership program within the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Lab at UC Berkeley supporting research and development of advanced carbon footprint management tools for households, small businesses and communities in the U.S. and Internationally. The CCN Vision is to enable individuals, organizations and communities to reduce their overall contribution to climate change by developing, sharing and acting upon personalized climate action plans.
Member organizations of the CoolClimate Network Consortium can have calculators pre-set for their location integrated into their site. The Oregon DEQ Calculator provides a great example of this.

Premium partners have the opportunity to developed highly customized calculators for their company or organization. As an example see the World Wildlife Fund Calculator.

The CoolClimate program includes a variety of projects from the CoolClimate Calculators to the Climate Action Widgets. The CoolClimate Calculators are the first (and still some of the only) online carbon footprint calculators to include benchmarking, carbon footprint estimates, and quantified recommendations for all major categories of household consumption, including transportation, energy, water, waste, food, goods and services. Click on the Household or Business calculator visit our Tools Page for a full listing of all CCN software.