Yixin Guo


Bio and Research Interest:
Yixin Guo is the summer Data analysis intern for the CoolClimate Team at the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) at Cal. He is currently a rising sophomore, intending to double-major in Operational Research and Management Science (ORMS) and Environmental Economics and Policy (EEP). As an international student from China, Yixin is particularly interested in and concerned about Chinese environmental issues. During the summer, he will mainly work on the collection of national datasets of Chinese carbon emission and projects on Life-Cycle Analysis for China.

Outside of study and work, his interests include basketball, badminton, guitar, cooking and magic tricks. Yixin is also a blog contributor in BERC (Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative) China Focus, writing about environmental issues in China (read more at BERC Blog)


University of California, Berkeley (Class of 2015)