An Introduction to Reddit

So you’ve never used Reddit before. Or, maybe you browsed through it a few times but found the site confusing. I'm here to tell you that you can use Reddit to discover forums about anything and everything and to promote your causes.

1. Go to to get to the front page of Reddit. You can browse all you want without making an account, but you must have an account if you want to post something. Click on the “register” hyperlink near the upper righthand corner of the page.

2. Pick your username and password. Then, click “create account.”

3. Because I’m posting on behalf of the CoolCalifornia Challenge, I picked the username “CoolCAChallenge.” My goal is to spread the word about the Challenge to residents of the participating cities. One participating city is San Jose. Many cities and geographical areas have their own sub-forums, or “subreddits” within the Reddit site. I’m going to check if the city of San Jose has its own subreddit by typing the city name into the search bar near the top righthand corner of the front page.

4. The search results tell me that there is indeed a San Jose subreddit, /r/SanJose. To go there, type into your browser’s address bar.

5. This is the front page of the San Jose subreddit. It has 1,567 readers who most likely live in San Jose and post/comment about city-specific news.

5 subreddit

6. Let’s make a post about the CoolCalifornia Challenge! Scroll down until you se the “Submit a link” button in the right column. Click on it.

7. We’ll be making a text-based post (although we can still put links in the body), so select “text.” Put in a catchy title and type your body text.

8. Make sure you’re posting to the correct subreddit, “SanJose,” and click submit.

9. Our post shows up on the SanJose subreddit! Readers of the subreddit will now be able to view the post, comment on it, and share it with friends and family.

10. Click on the title to see the whole post. Notice the number 4 between an upward and a downward-facing arrow. Reddit users sort posts using a system of upvotes and downvotes. The more net-upvotes you have, the higher your post will appear on the page! Every registered user has the power to give one upvote or downvote to each post.

Explore Reddit to find subreddits about almost anything, from /r/cooking to /r/berkeley! Have fun but don't let Reddit take up too much of your time!