How to Shorten URLs and Track Stats Using

Don't have enough characters on Twitter to post full links? Wanna see how many of your followers are clicking links in your tweets? is a URL-shortening service and stats tracker provided by the website StumbleUpon.

1. First, you'll need to create a StumbleUpon account at

2. Go to and log in with your StumbleUpon username and password.

3. Enter the URL you wish to shorten. Click "Just Shorten"

4. Cool, you now have a shortened URL!

5. Head over to your Twitter account. Compose and submit your tweet.

6. Wait a while, and then come back to The site will tell you how many people have clicked on the link that you shortened and included in your tweet. For detailed click stats, click "View Stats" next to the URL.

7. tells us that this particular link has been clicked on 23 times. Compare clicks with your total number of Twitter followers to see how many of your followers are interested in your content!

8. Once you use enough shortened URLs in your tweets, will suggest optimum tweeting times for your particular account. In this case, suggests that I tweet slightly before 4am, slightly after 3pm, or slightly after 4pm. Use often to receive better recommendations!