An Introduction to Facebook Insights

Once your Facebook Page reaches 30 Likes, Facebook will begin to provide you with Insights. Not at 30 Likes yet? Get there! Ask your coworkers and friends to Like your page, and then come back here.

1. First, go to your Facebook Page (make sure you're using Facebook as the Page rather than your personal profile). If you scroll down and look at your previous posts, you'll see that Facebook now tells you how many people saw each post.

2. Scroll back up and look at your Admin Panel. There's now a graph in the "Insights" box. Click on the graph for detailed Insights.

3. Here's what the Insights "Overview" tab looks like. The blue dots represent your Weekly Total Reach -- "the number of unique people who have seen any content associated with your Page in the last 7 days." The green dots represent People Talking About This -- "the number of unique people who have created a story about your Page in the last 7 days." The pink dots represent your posts. The bigger the pink dots, the more posts you made on that day.

4. Scroll down to see Insights for each of your Page's individual posts. Facebook tells you how many people saw each post (Reach), how many people clicked on each post (Engaged Users), and how many people liked, shared, or commented on each post (Talking About This). Facebook determines "Virality" by dividing the number of people "Talking About" each post by the total number of people who saw the post.

5. Click on the "Likes" tab to see demographic information about people who Like your page. Knowing your audience can help you target your content effectively!

6. Scroll down to see where your fans are located and which languages they speak.

7. The "Reach" tab gives you information about the people your content has reached. These people may have Liked your Page and seen your content on their newsfeeds, looked at your Page directly, or seen your content shared by a friend.

8. This Page's content reached a larger and more diverse audience than the people who have Liked the Page.

9. For convenience, Facebook emails you a weekly Insights summary!