Common Newsletter Image Mistakes and Why Our Green Media Resources Gallery Rocks

Here are some commonly made mistakes when finding images for the CoolCalifornia Challenge newsletter:

1. No image source provided. It's extremely important to give the photographer credit for his or her image! Ideally, the author's name should be a hyperlink to his or her photography homepage and the source website (in this case, Flickr) should be a hyperlink to the page where the image is located.

2. Photographer did not give permission for free use and adaptation. As I said in my other blog post, please check the image's Creative Commons license to make sure you have permission to crop the image and use it in your newsletter.

3. Image is not a square. Standard image size for the CoolCalifornia Challenge newsletter is 150 x 150 pixels. See my previous blog post for a guide to square image cropping in Adobe Photoshop.

Our CoolClimate Green Media Resources Gallery makes it easy to find and use images for newsletters and other outreach materials! Here's why:

1. From the image information, you can see if an image is in the public domain or has a source that needs to be credited. You can even view only images that do not require sources.

2. Images are tagged with keywords so you can quickly find a suitable image. Click on an image to see its tags. Click on a tag to see all other images in the gallery with the same tag. Images without a source are tagged "no source" and square images are tagged "square."

Learn how to upload photos to the Green Media Resources Gallery from Mia’s blog post!