Rachel Bubb

Hello! I’m Rachel and I am a first year here at Cal. I intend to major in Conservation and Resource Studies and plan on minoring in something (just not sure what yet!) I am passionate about the environment and want to educate my peers about the consequences of our carbon footprint. I would love to study abroad or help out in research projects in the tropical rainforests of Brazil or Costa Rica before I graduate.

I was born in Redlands, CA and spent lots of time traveling to different parts of the world with my family. However, it was traveling to places like Panama and Costa Rica that really got me interested in the environmental field. I plan on going to law school after Berkeley and saving one tree at a time as an environmental lawyer!

I love being outside, enjoying the beauty of nature, and staying active. I love to swim, hike, bike, run, and snowboard. Tennis is another hobby of mine that (I must admit) I pride myself in. I refuse to lose on the court (but still play fair.) My biggest pet peeve is littering!

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