Chula Vista

Chula Vista I commend you! I think it is awesome to see a city in Southern California making environmentally friendly improvements. It is the 21st century, and it is about time we start worrying about the future!
I am all for the implantation of bike lanes and making any city a biking community. I think it is fantastic to see Chula Vista encouraging biking as an alternate mode of transportation. Biking is a great way to commute and stay healthy. The more bikers on the road the better!
Another great thing about Chula Vista is their Climate Action Plan. I love how they are really trying to make a difference in their local community. It is a great start for Southern California as a whole. I believe that the more Chula Vista succeeds with their climate action plans, the more other cities in the surrounding areas will start to follow. Their climate mitigation plan to lower their CO2 levels 20% below 1990 levels is a great goal and role model for other cities.
Also, Chula Vista’s involvement with the San Diego Bay Sea Level Rise Adaptation Project is awesome to see as well. The ocean is a HUGE player in our environment. The rising sea levels can be harmful to many ecosystems and have negative health consequences on the people. Chula Vista obviously understands this issue and it is great to see that they want to get involved in the project.
Ultimately, I think Chula Vista is doing a fantastic job in implementing and encouraging Climate Action Plans. They are a great role model for Southern California. I hope that Chula Vista’s success will encourage others to follow and realize it is time to start changing the way in which we use our energy and view our environment.