It may be the holidays, but you can still be GREEN!

Hello Chula Vista!

Are you or a company you know of holding any sustainable events in the near future?
Maybe your community is having an event to encourage sustainable behavior?

If so…please let me know! I would love to publicize your event, and encourage others to get involved.

Email me (Rachel) at

In the mean time, do you have old, energy sucking, incandescent holiday light strings that you would just love to get rid of? I thought so. Well great news! Chula Vista is holding an LED light exchange on December 1st from 12 to 4 pm at Memorial Park.
Just bring in your old incandescent holiday lights and exchange for up to 2 strands of LED holiday lights.

However, you must be a participant of the CoolCalifornia Challenge. So sign up! This way you can enjoy the seasons with a lower energy bill. Incandescent lights spend 95% of their time making head and only 5% making light. The LED bulbs, on the other hand, spend 95% of their time making light and only 5% of their time making heat. This means you can leave the LED lights on for a 100% longer than the incandescent and makes them a lot safer.

So go check out the light exchange if you are a participant in the challenge! And if you are not a participant yet, then sign up today and be apart of the LED holiday light exchange. The lights are multicolored so you will definitely be missing out if you do not partake in the exchange!

Happy Holidays everyone!