My Dream

A ray of hope!
It is raining. Always raining. The clouds, thick and grey, cover the vast span of the sky, as if divinity wants to cleanse the human soul, to wash away all the impurities that we humans have added to this beautiful world. Drenched, I shivered in the cold as I traversed through the puddles and waterfalls in the streets.

Staring at the Berkeley hills in the distance, I see a ray of sunlight piercing through the shading veil of the heavens, filling my heart with warmth. Hope. Faith. That’s all we need to face obstacles, be it nasty finals or climate change. I’ve found my place in this world.

Often times I ask myself, “Why am I interested in becoming an environmental engineer? Why don’t I just follow most of my other friends to pursue their career paths as medical doctors, businessmen (or women), financial analysts, or computer scientists/programmers?” It all comes down to a dream, a dream in which I envision an environmentally friendly society where people and nature can coexist in a harmonious way. A dream in which our way of living is sustainable, leaving sufficient resources for future generations. After living fourteen years in a polluted city of concrete like Hong Kong, where people’s lives were woven so deeply into their labyrinth of work, I grew to appreciate the beauty of nature. I want to create a better world for everyone to live in, and I know that it can happen because everyone possesses the ability to change the world. We have nothing to fear. We just have to keep believing and take a step forward, eventually turning our dreams into reality.

And so I tread on, under the radiance of my dream, embracing nature’s call.