Happy New Yearr!!

It's 2013 now.

and though I am usually not much of a supported of new years resolutions (since I think you should just try and change whatever you find wrong the moment that you realize that you want to) I have to admit that they are pretty fun to make.

So let me write out my new years resolution right here right now letting the world know (or at least cyberspace) that I am serious about this!

You see, there's a lot of smaller energy wasting things that I have done, such as forgetting to turn off my bedroom lights, falling asleep while watching gossip girl and not unplugging appliances when they're not in use.
And though it may seem like miniscule problems, together they are big. I should not be making these little mistakes.

They are wasteful and I do not want to add the demand for energy. So I am going to stop.

No more of all this nonsense. I took Environmental Science, I know what the results of these mistakes are so I have no excuse. (and there really isn't a legit excuse for such actions)

Yayy, this will be fun :)
Actually though
It's a nice taking on the green identity
no more talk. Just action!

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays!!