Drupal Themer Intern


These internships are UNPAID because it takes us significant time and effort to coordinate working with you and ensure we meet our mutual needs (yours, ours, society's etc). What we do provide is guidance, templates, and a supportive environment. We expect a lot of work and a lot of laughter; we all pitch in for constant snacks and ways to rejuvenate each other. If this sounds like an environment you could also thrive in, please send us an email with your interests, your resume and if you/your university is willing to provide any funding for you.

Build Your Resume: Intern at the CoolClimate Network Summer 2012

We need to re-brand coolclimate.berkeley.edu to better show folks how we research to create tools in order to support programs. We know what we want to highlight - and are open to suggestions but just don't have to implement these into a website. We also know what coding best practices are and will make sure you follow them.

Required Qualifications: 

Looking for a good learning experience for those of you who know the basics of HTML and CSS and just ready to learn to theme (i.e. bringing Drupal and its PHP quirks into your toolkit).

Email resumes or questions to: 
Listing end date: 
Thursday, May 31, 2012