Looking Back...

This summer has been packed with excitement, fun, and much learning. I got to work with the amazing CoolClimate team and interns, and as the graphic and web design intern, I got to work with nearly everyone. In the beginning of the internship, I only had my art skills to speak for me. However, by the end, I am glad to say that I have learned enough HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to code newsletters and webpages. I have learned more about designing for web as opposed to print. Moreover, I was able to contribute to something bigger, like the statewide CoolCalifornia Challenge.


And thus summer comes to an end. It was a lot of fun working with the CoolClimate team and interns, and I met some great people. I learned a lot about Excel and finding data, and also read about various green building certification schemes and cradle to cradle design, natural capitalism, community, and biomimicry through our intern book talks. The work that I did here will improve the local government decision support tool for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and help produce a consumption-based international household carbon footprint calculator.

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