New! Carbon Footprint Maps

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Interactive carbon footprint map from the CoolClimate Calculator. Find out how you compare to local averages and create a personalized climate action plan for you or your community. See info on recent Jones and Kammen paper and FAQ below.

CoolClimate Calculator for U.S. households

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How cool is your household? Calculate and compare your carbon footprint to similar households and create a personalized climate action plan with this popular, user-friendly tool.

Go to the CoolClimate Calculator.

CoolClimate Calculator for Small Businesses

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See how the carbon footprint of your business compares to similar businesses, see which actions you can take will reduce your impact at the lowest cost and create a personalized climate action plan.

Go to the CoolClimate Calculator for small businesses.

Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference

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The Behavior, Energy and Climate Change (BECC) Conference 2013 is the premier event focused on understanding behavior and decision-making with respect to energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, and sustainability. Annually, 700 participants come together to share new research, discuss innovative policy and program strategies, build networks, and find potential partners for collaboration. Chris Jones has served as co-chair since 2011.

Visit for more information.

Local Government Decision Support Tool

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The objectives of the Local Government Decision Support Tool (LGDST) are to create a list of GHG reduction measures for the California Air Resources Board, and under their guidance, create a spreadsheet tool to enable local governments to quantify parts of their climate action strategy. This decision support tool will evaluate the GHG reduction potential of each climate action strategy measure, including its other benefits, such as cost savings.

GreenPoint Rated Climate Calculator

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The objectives of this project are to improve and expand quantification of energy and carbon footprint scores in the existing GreenPoint Rated Climate Footprint Calculator and to align the calculation methodologies with HERS II. Additional features will include incorporation of time dependent valuation (TDV), energy and non‐energy benefits of water efficiency improvements, embodied energy in construction materials, and quantification of post‐occupancy recycling in homes.

View the Final Report.

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CoolCalifornia City Challenge

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The CoolCalifornia Challenge is a competition between California cities to motivate and reward residents for reducing their carbon footprints and helping to build more vibrant communities.

Participants track driving and home energy use to earn points for being green and triple points for going greener. Each point counts as a raffle ticket for cool prizes and can also help participants' cities earn sustainability funding from Challenge sponsors. Teams of up to 5 households are elligible compete in city team rankings for awards and prizes.

The Challenge is funded by the State of California Air Resources Board and administered by researchers at the CoolClimate Division of the University of California's Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory.

Challenge website:

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