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Introducing - Atheana Fulgencio

Hello fellow ENERNerd!

My name is Atheana Fulgencio, and I am a fourth year UC Berkeley student pursuing a major in Conservation Resource Studies with the focus on Green Energy Business and Policy. Growing up in San Francisco and going to school at Berkeley has definitely shaped my interest around energy efficiency and conservation.

Rachel Bubb

Hello! I’m Rachel and I am a first year here at Cal. I intend to major in Conservation and Resource Studies and plan on minoring in something (just not sure what yet!) I am passionate about the environment and want to educate my peers about the consequences of our carbon footprint. I would love to study abroad or help out in research projects in the tropical rainforests of Brazil or Costa Rica before I graduate.

Biography - Chun Man Chow

Bio and Research Interest:

About Me- Rosanna Neuhausler

Klosters, SwitzerlandAbout Me

Hi :)

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