Cut your Cubes Scavenger hunt!

Citizens of Sacramento, only one more day until the Cut your Cubes Scavenger hunt!!!

I am really excited to finally meet everyone from the city, especially in such a sweet way!
This Scavenger hunt will give us a cool insight on what makes the city green and hopefully influence us
to expand on those practices of sustainability (as well as give the top groups cool prizes :) )

May the best team win!

Oh and if you are having trouble finding out where to sign up, just click on this link:


Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to point our how awesome it is that the city of Sacramento offers easy access to solar
panels and other energy efficient upgrades to its residence: !!

This is not the case in most cities so I advise you to take advantage of this incredible environment, energy and money
saving opportunity!

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Hi :)

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