About CoolCalifornia Challenge Teams

Support your friends, colleagues or neighbors to earn points by reducing energy as a team in the CoolCalifornia Challenge.

Every point you earn as a household counts for your team. The team with the most points as of September 30, 2014 will be crowned the overall winner. Teams of any size are eligible for the competition.

Getting Started

  1. Sign In

  2. Click the "Teams" Menu

  3. Click "Browse" to join an existing team -OR- Type a new team name

  4. Invite other teammates

How to Be a Winning Team

Check In Regularly

Coordinate a sit-down at a favorite local watering hole or touch base weekly via e-mail or video chat to show your teammates that you're really there for them. Regular check-ins help keep everyone motivated and stay on track for saving energy.

Make Sure Your Team is Elligible

teams of any size are eligible for Challenge prizes, awards and competitions.

Efficient and less-efficient households can contribute to a team. Participants with high energy usage have the potential to earn "bonus points" (worth five times the value of "green points" by improving efficiency. Participants that already maintain stellar energy efficiency levels will bring plenty of Green Points to the table for out-performing the benchmark for similar housholds. More about How Points Work

Add All Reports

Team members that add all reports starting in January 1. 2014 will full credit for:

  1. Efficient energy use and
  2. Improving efficiency over time
For each month that a participant achieves better efficiency than similar households, the participant earns Green Points for themselves and for the team.

Over time, each participant establishes a personal energy efficiency standard. If a participant beats their own personal energy efficiency standard they earn Bonus Points (worth 5 times the value of Green Points) for themselves and for the team. Ensuring that all team members add energy reports gets your team credit for booth being green and going greener in each month of the Challenge.

Take the Survey

In addition to earning 500 points each, becoming and official CoolCalifornia Research Survey Participant also helps researchers understand how best to motivate others to take action to reduce environmental impacts.