CoolClimate Network Research Consortium

The CoolClimate Network (CCN) is a division of UC Berkeley's Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL). CCN carries out research on carbon footprint mitigation, develops carbon management tools for public, business and government users and implements best practice programs grounded in behavior research to engage business and individuals in voluntary carbon reductions.

CoolClimate Research

CoolClimate researchers have built the most complete, highest-resolution, peer-reviewed model of carbon footprints associated with transportation, foods, goods and services for households, businesses, organizations and cities. Our accurate cradle-to-gate assessments primarily do three things:

  1. Provide an instantaneous snapshot of the most common sources of emissions and emission reduction opportunities for similar users.
  2. Provide an intuitive understanding of carbon emissions by setting benchmark values to compare a household or organization to their most relevant peers.
  3. Provide clear and customizable actions to reduce carbon emissions with quanitified environmental and financial benefits. This prioritizes actions with the greatest potential benefits for the consumption patterns of each specific household, business, or city.

Going Beyond Data

While data is crucial for benchmark assessments and monitoring progress, it is not always sufficient to change behavior.

The latest CoolClimate tools, including the Household Carbon Footprint Calculator, integrate social context into carbon footprint management. Users may save their footprint and pledges to a profile after using the calculator to link with others in their zip code through our partnership with

Users are encouraged to publish or share their pledges and carbon profiles as behavioral research shows that public commitments are more effective for encouraging real change. Support and visibility from social networks helps maintain accountability and keep goals in mind.

A Rewarding Partnership

CCN is honored by a wide range of academic, corporate and government partners that support our research and benefit from our tools. CCN partners range from small businesses to international corporations and government agencies such as the California Air Resources Board, our founding partner.

Unlike other consortium programs which support general research in the field, we also develop and provide tools with immediate use value. A unique combination of detailed emissions analysis, applied behavior change focus and in-house programming resources enable us to develop socially-integrated web platforms backed by the latest data and models.

Affiliate Partners may integrate web-based tools and social carbon management platform integrated directly into their website. This allows users to remain on the site of an organization they already care about and follow, while accessing the full suite of CCN tools.

Higher level partners support specific research projects to further the CCN mission. These projects vary from incorporating specific types of pledges, customization for green business programs, adding social support features, funding research for a specific paper or even developing entire new editions of our carbon management tools.

Our Process

The CCN research process is a collaborative one. As stakeholders range from households to governments and include everything in between, CCN places immeasurable value on the situated perspective, understanding and knowledge of the people and institutions involved in positive climate action on the ground.

The main purpose of our calculators and tools are to support, measure and adapt to climate action efforts at every level. Our dynamic research, IT and design staff work continuously to improve all CCN tools based on user feedback and the latest research in both the environmental and behavioral fields.

Climate change is one of the largest problems of our time, and we know there's no one way to solve it. However, by listening to and working with the leaders in research and program implementation we can do our part to leverage the huge potential of human behavior for a Cooler Climate.

If you are interested in using our tools or becoming a CCN consortium member, please contact Chris Jones or call our office at UC Berkeley's Renewable & Appropriate Energy Laboratory at (510) 643-5048.