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Happy New Yearr!!

It's 2013 now.

and though I am usually not much of a supported of new years resolutions (since I think you should just try and change whatever you find wrong the moment that you realize that you want to) I have to admit that they are pretty fun to make.

So let me write out my new years resolution right here right now letting the world know (or at least cyberspace) that I am serious about this!

How to Crop and Re-size in Photoshop

Hello Everyone! Here's quick tutorial on how to format your awesome images for submission to the CoolCalifornia Challenge Green Media Resources.

First open Photoshop and click on the 'File' tab then 'Open' to select an image from your library.

Once the image appears, you want to crop and re-size it to 150 x 150 square pixels. You do this by clicking on the crop tool (keyboard shortcut 'c') on the left hand side bar. You'll notice that a dotted box will appear in your image.

My Dream

A ray of hope!
It is raining. Always raining. The clouds, thick and grey, cover the vast span of the sky, as if divinity wants to cleanse the human soul, to wash away all the impurities that we humans have added to this beautiful world. Drenched, I shivered in the cold as I traversed through the puddles and waterfalls in the streets.

Tis the Season for LED!

December is almost here which means the holiday light exchange is just around the corner.

Tomorrow, Cool California challenge participants of Chula Vista will be given the opportunity to exchange up to two incandescent holiday lights for cool, new, energy efficient, LED light strands!

LED holiday lights are a great way to stay safe this festive season as well as save money on your electric bill. SDG&E says that by using LED lighting, customers will be able to save up to 90% in holiday lighting costs! The holiday season can get quite pricey so why not try and save money when you can?!

It may be the holidays, but you can still be GREEN!

Hello Chula Vista!

Are you or a company you know of holding any sustainable events in the near future?
Maybe your community is having an event to encourage sustainable behavior?

If so…please let me know! I would love to publicize your event, and encourage others to get involved.

Email me (Rachel) at

In the mean time, do you have old, energy sucking, incandescent holiday light strings that you would just love to get rid of? I thought so. Well great news! Chula Vista is holding an LED light exchange on December 1st from 12 to 4 pm at Memorial Park.

Changing the World

Have you ever wondered how you can contribute to the world? It’s easy! From the Cool Story results of the Cool Davis Festival Survey, we see that the majority of people in Davis believe saving energy can in turn save themselves money and benefit the environment! So why don’t we start changing the world today with a small step forward? Replace incandescent light bulbs with CFLs, turn the thermostat down several degrees, carpool with your colleagues or friends, or try being vegetarian for a day or two per week. All these small actions can make our city greener!

Cut your Cubes Scavenger hunt!

Citizens of Sacramento, only one more day until the Cut your Cubes Scavenger hunt!!!

I am really excited to finally meet everyone from the city, especially in such a sweet way!
This Scavenger hunt will give us a cool insight on what makes the city green and hopefully influence us
to expand on those practices of sustainability (as well as give the top groups cool prizes :) )

May the best team win!

Oh and if you are having trouble finding out where to sign up, just click on this link:

Yes! You Can

My favorite anecdote that I've come across so far in Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive, is the one involving sticky notes. I find it so interesting how the simple gesture of a handwritten note on a stack of surveys can be more effective than just placing a blank note, or having no note at all. Adding that personal touch sends the message to the receiver that the task requested is important enough that the sender would take the time to say so in writing. It also puts a face behind the request, which gives it more weight.

You can do ittt!!

Hey guys!

I just finished a great set of videos on adopting new habits and the skill of persuasion!

heres a link to them:

If you have ever encountered difficulties accomplishing a goal that you set for yourself,
or may want to encourage others to make some positive changes to their behavior, I advise you check them out!

Have a great week,

Keep it Cool, California

One thing I really like about the Cool California Challenge is the name itself. I am a big fan of plays on words and I love how "cool" in this context can mean two very different, but positive things.

Who wouldn't want to help cool down California? It is such a cool thing to do!

I'm cheesy, I know.

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