About CoolClimate Network

CoolClimate's mission is to massively scale up the adoption of climate solutions

The CoolClimate Approach

The climate crisis is pressing and solutions are urgently needed. CoolClimate provides smart decision-making tools and programs to accelerate the transition to a clean energy economy. We develop cutting-edge carbon footprint benchmarking research and combine this with ongoing lessons from behavioral sciences to design tailored climate solutions to different users and populations. CoolClimate tools quickly identify the unique opportunities each individual, business, organization or community holds to reduce greenhouse gas emisions. These tools are incorporated into programs to activate, educate, motivate and empower individuals and organizations to make low-carbon choices. CoolClimate also works with Network Members to design policies and programs that meet local needs and motivate populations to take climate action.


CoolClimate researchers are leading experts in carbon footprint analysis, behavior change and greenhouse gas mitigation policy. See our publications page for more information.


CoolClimate developed the first carbon footprint calculators to account for the greenhouse gas emissions of all transportation, energy, food, goods and services purchased by households and businesses. This comprehensive method, called "consumption-based greenhouse gas accounting," powers a suite of online tools that allow households, businesses and communies to estimate their complete carbon footprints, compare their results to similar users, and develop personalized climate action plans to reduce their contribution to climate change. Versions of these tools have been adopted by governments, businesses and non-governmental organizations throughout the United States and internationally.

CoolClimate policy tools and maps engage communities in climate action by quickly identifying the interventions with the most potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


The Cool Campus Challenge is one of the largest and most successful behahvior change programs in the United States. The goals of the program are to activate, educate, motivate and empower students, staff and faculty at the 10 University of California (UC) campuses to help UC become carbon neutral by 2025. In 2015 the program engagedn nearly 20,000 participants, taking an average of 6 actions each to reduce their contribution to greenhouse gas emissions. The 2019 program is scheduled to launch in spring of 2019. Stay tuned!

For three years the CoolCalifornia Challenge engaged over 10,000 Caliornia households in climate action in nearly 30 cities across the state. During the pilot year in 2013 the program demonstrated an estimated 14% electricity reduction compared to a control group. Participants tracked their electricity, natural gas and motor vehicle usage over time, earning points for being lower than similar households and more points for reducing emissions. The top three cities were named "Cool California Cities" and the city with the most points was crowned "Coolest California City. Winners were Davis (2013), Riverside (2014) and Claremont (2015).


CoolClimate is committed to communicating greenhouse gas reduction opportunities to communities throughout the United States and internationally.

Chris Jones is currently serving his 9th year as Program Chair of the Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference.