CoolClimate Calculator API


The CoolClimate Calculator allows individuals or households in the U.S. to calculate their complete carbon footprints, compare their results to similar households and get personalized advice on managing their climate impact. The the current version of the calculator hosted on this website is only one of many possible uses for the data and model powering the CoolClimate Calculator. Now you can create your own CoolClimate-powered tools using the CoolClimate API.

Instructions for developers:

1) Visit the CoolClimate API developers website for interactive documentation that helps you experiment with the API using just a browser.
2) Sign up for a free account and get your own set of credentials (API ID and Key).
Test accounts allow a limited number of calls per minute and per day. The number of calls should be sufficient to create and test your applications, but may not be sufficient to run your applications in a production environment.
3) Develop your application.
4) Happy with your new application? Share your code with CCN or join the CoolClimate Network to increase the number of calls allowed on the CoolClimate server and run your application in a production environment. Contact us for more information.
Visit the CoolClimate API developers website for details.